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Heay-duty Wedge Grips
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3 Models
KC-100: 0-50 Kg / 0-110 lbs / 0-500N Capacity
KC-1000: 0-100 Kg / 0-220 lbs / 0-1000N Capacity
KC-5000: 0-500 Kg / 0-1100 lbs / 0-5000N Capacity

This spring-loaded wedge grip is ideal for tensile measurements of high capacity materials. Attachment/detachment of a test piece can be done by one-touch operation. The wedge grip is self-tightened by applying tensile force (spring-loaded wedge grip).

 Spring-loaded wedge grip
 Attachment/detachment of a test piece can be done by one-touch operation
 3 Models


Capacity KC-20: 110 lbf
KC-1000: 220 lbf
KC-5000: 1100 lbf
Width KC-20: 46 mm
KC-1000: 46 mm
KC-5000: 75 mm
Height KC-20: 59 mm
KC-1000: 59 mm
KC-5000: 94 mm
Depth KC-20: 14.5 mm
KC-1000: 14.5 mm
KC-5000: 36 mm
Jaw Opening KC-20: Max 2 mm
KC-1000: Max 2 mm
KC-5000: Max 5 mm
Jaw Width KC-20: 9.8 mm
KC-1000: 9.8 mm
KC-5000: Max 23.8 mm
Mounting Crew KC-20: M6 P1
KC-1000: M6 P1
KC-5000: M10 P1.5

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 KC-100 410.50 KC-100 Wedge Grip 110 lbContact us for stock state
 KC-1000 410.50 KC-1000 Wedge Grip 220 lbContact us for stock state
 KC-5000 567.50 KC-5000 Wedge Grip 1100 lbContact us for stock state
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